Service Excellence Workshop

WITH DR JEZ ROSE..............................

Monday 14th September - 9am - 1pm........

''Businesses in the UK are slightly better than awful at customer service''

Sad, but on the whole, true! Every one of us has at some point experienced pretty poor customer service...

Client services expert Dr Jez Rose is leading a revolution to awaken businesses to the pitfalls of poor customer service and the need to improve performance levels - his aim is for the UK to be renowned for customer service excellence.

With his expertise in the field combined with sharp delivery, Jez will impart the core skills required to sustain excellent customer care in a creative way with high impact. If you have customers or interact with people, you need to attend this event - this is not just another customer service programme.

This workshop will proactively equip you with the tools required for immediate implementation of both short and long-term principles by understanding and assessing your own business and its customer service approach along with essential recovery strategies.

You will also receive a free copy of Jez's new book on achieving excellence in customer service 'Have a Crap Day' which, as well as being an entertaining read, will be a useful point of reference for the workplace and beyond!

Dr Jez Rose is a Psychologist and ex-Disney Services Specialist.

1 delegate - 185 vat
2 delegates - 333 vat (10 discount)
3 delegates - 471.75 vat (15 discount)
4 delegates - 592.00 vat (20 discount)
5 delegates - 693.75 vat (25 discount)

LOCATION the studio, Cannon Street, Birmingham B2 5EP
CONTACT For further information call Investors In Excellence 01675 460 997