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Yiolanda Koppel

Yiolanda Koppel

A totally natural presenter, Yiolanda has 10 years experience presenting for the likes of Nickelodeon, BBC, and ITV – plus an agony aunt column for the Daily Mirror!

Born and raised in London to Austrian and Greek Cypriot parents, Yiolanda is a rare find, she has it all! Intelligence, great looks and is regarded as one of today’s most professional and experienced presenters and voice over artist. Yiolanda has crammed a great deal into her career with a wealth of live presenting and high profile interviews to her name.

She has interviewed just about every star there is from Brad Pitt to Beyonce, and worked on just about every type of show imaginable. Whether it’s a glam occasion on the red carpet, or working with animals, she has mass appeal and is not shy of a challenge.

Away from the TV and mic, Yiolanda is a huge dog lover and recently became certified in dog grooming, at the international training school for canine beauticians.

She is also qualified in dog training and canine behaviour, and in the summer of 2010 started her own business called Bandana Puppies, which is already proving to be a big success!


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