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Sean Batty

Sean Batty

Seán Batty was born in Paisley in the early eighties. He finished school at 18 and went on to study meteorology at Reading University.

Seán's first job in meteorology was with the Met Office (UK's National Weather Service) as a weather observer at Middle Wallop army air base in Hampshire.

He later moved to ITV Weather to work behind the scenes preparing and sending bulletins for the ITV regional broadcasters.

Just after a year with ITV, Sean then moved to the BBC's Televison Centre in London to become a broadcast assistant. During his three year stint with the BBC, he became a regional broadcaster and acted as cover for the nations and regions, presenting in England Wales and Northern Ireland.

His next move was in 2007 when he joined STV who for a number of years had no one presenting weather on the channel Sean was now their one and only weather presenter and he has been there ever since.

At STV Sean produces and presents sixteen broadcasts per day.  He was instrumental in relaunching the weather graphics (which he's done three times now) and has been part of the graphic development and testing processes before going live.

Weather has been a part of Sean's life since he started out with a BBC Weather kit at the ripe old age of seven. He has always had an obsession with the cold and snowy weather, hence why he now takes winter holidays to places like Iceland and Norway. Occasionally he will so a summer holiday, but summer has never really been his thing, apart from when he was at school and used to get 6 weeks off!

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