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Jon Sopel

Jon Sopel

Jon Sopel has been the regular presenter on BBC1's The Politics Show for a number of years. During that time, Jon has interviewed all of the major political figures in the UK and in 2007 he was voted political journalist of the year.

Jon is also a senior presenter on the BBC News 24 Channel. He has covered news stories from the middle east during the Israel Lebanon war, Sri Lanka after the tsunami, New Orleans after Katrina and Beijing during the Olympics. He also fronted the BBC's US presidential election coverage in 2009.

In the 1990's, Jon was the BBC's chief political correspondent at Westminster and during this time, he wrote an acclaimed biography of Tony Blair.

Before he became a full time presenter, Jon also worked as the BBC's correspondent in Paris. After three years there, he was sent to report on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Jon started as a freelance writer and broadcaster before joining the BBC in 1983, as a reporter and producer for BBC Radio Solent.

Jon Sopel is considered to be one of the most professional, dynamic and charismatic presenters of his generation. He is also a superb host and facilitater for all types of awards and conferences.


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