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Paddy O'Connell

Paddy O'Connell

On TV, Paddy has knelt at Bill Clinton's feet to steady a microphone, and was challenged by Bill Gates to debut the X-box. On radio he presents ''Broadcasting House'' on Radio 4.

He was the Wall Street anchor for the BBC, and was due for a meeting at the World Trade Centre during the attacks on the USA in 2001. He reported on the attacks and presented the News coverage on the evening of September 11th from New York, and covered the aftermath until leaving New York in 2003.

Witnessing terrorist murder and Wall Street boom, bust and sleaze, he changed direction. He became the presenter for BBC 2's ''Working Lunch'', and co-presented various programming around the Eurovision Song Contest.

He first worked on local radio stations in the UK for five years, was hired for the launch team of BBC Radio 5 Live, and the launch of ''The World'' from WGBH in Boston and BBC World Service. He has been heard as reporter or presenter on other stations around the world including 50 US stations which broadcast ''The World,'' Radio New Zealand, ABC Australia, Radio Canada, London's LBC 97.3 and Radio Scotland.

Other presenting credits include ''Flashmob The Opera'', ''Naked City Spencer Tunick'', Celebdaq, ''Liquid News'', ''Liquid Assets'', ''HardTalk Extra'', ''Seven O'Clock News, BBC 3'', ''World Business Report'', ''Oscars Special 2006'', ''Making your Mind Up''. Other contributions include ''Richard and Judy'', ''HeadJam'', ''100 Best Cartoons''.

He was listed among the top 40 gay men on TV by ''Attitude'' magazine, and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.


"Paddy really did meet our expectations as a guest speaker. He followed the brief that we set for him and was careful to research our sector and tailored his presentation accordingly."
Gemma Halliday, National Housing Federation Communication Conference 2012 

"It was good that Paddy was on at the end of the day as his session was quite light hearted for those who were growing a little tired."

"Paddy O'Connell was great, especially as he tailored his slightly off the wall talk to our sector."

"Most enjoyable was Paddy O'Connell as it was interesting to hear about his professional life."

"a fun and engaging session full of useful insight and tricks of the trade."

"a refreshing end to the day. Interesting to hear from someone outside of housing and his take on the easy way to get noticed, get heard and put housing in the forefront of MP's minds."

"he really brought home the basics and opportunities."

"really entertaining and with a different perspective! Encouraged us to stand in the shoes of the outsider and look in at our industry, some new ideas for deciding what is newsworthy."

"Paddy O'Connell was brilliant - his presentation was great - he engaged with everyone - he was utterly brilliant - so much more interesting than the usual housing people."

"Paddy O'Connell was excellent and boosted my confidence that what we are doing in housing is something to shout about. Great presentation and very funny." 

"Paddy O'Connell was my favourite speaker of the whole day. I found him extremely engaging and I thought his view of Comms from a journalistic point of view was very interesting. Being a former journalist myself, I understood what he was saying and came away with some great ideas."

"Paddy O'Connell was excellent. It was refreshing to hear that none of what we are doing is actually new, but that we just need to get to grips with the different tools."

"Paddy O'Connell was an excellent presenter and, in fact, the only presenter I saw on the day who specifically targeted his presentation to Comms professionals working in housing."


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